Songs of Hope

by Jen Serotta

This EP available at iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. 100% of proceeds from the first 1,000 downloads will be donated to breast cancer causes and research.

“A World in Need of Care” Is the song foremost in my mind and heart to honor those with breast cancer. I hope to inspire all who are faced with this destructive disease and in the meantime raise funds for breast cancer causes.

“Help Me” has always been one of my favorite Joni Mitchell delights. It was a lot of fun breathing new life into a perhaps forgotten treasure, and I hope the song reminds the listeners of what a genius artist she is!

While undergoing chemotherapy, I wrote the song “Hopeful Days”. My husband somehow remembers that I wrote some of it during the middle of the night, but I cannot recall doing this. I think I was in such a zone and wrote it within about one week’s time that I don’t remember the exact circumstances. When you’re undergoing severe stress such as chemo, sometimes you filter out a lot of "stuff".

“Sleeps Nor Slumbers” is one of my earlier songs. I think we can all relate to not being able to sleep at night, feeling hopeless in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It’s a reminder (if you believe in such things) that there’s a higher power who stays up for you and takes care of the worrying for you.

“Share Your Life” is simply an energetic, universal love song from the heart. It’s meant to convey feelings of contentment, happiness, security, and wholehearted love.