more songs of hope

With heartfelt thanks to these master musicians:

Gerry Brown, drums; Silvano Monasterios, Rhodes pianos; Bryan Le Mar, guitars; Michael Bennick, guitar (Hopeful Days) and vocalists: Lance Henry, Paul Pettitt (Share Your Life) group chorus: Sophia Allen, Ronny Bass, Nancy Hunter, Jim McGuffin, Kathleen Mullen, Daniel Scheider (A World in Need of Care) *

•Vocal and guitar for Hopeful Days recorded by Jim Stafford at Eclipse Recording Studio, St. Augustine, FL 

•Gerry Brown recorded by Marko Ruffolo at Markee Studios, Deerfield Beach, Fl

•All songs produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Richard Serotta at Outline Studios, Miami, FL

•Special tribute to Paul Pettitt (1950-2011) keyboards, programming, vocals,  His contributions were seminal…his talent, legendary. 



A World in Need of Care                Hopeful Days             

Dear friends, we now meet                                                        Imperfect world, hopeless and hurt

These moments precious, sweet                                                What a place we live in

The future is unclear                                                                  Not good enough, not blessed enough

So let’s keep each other near                                                    We are ever wanting

As friends we all know                                                               Never seem to find a foothold

The strengths we’ve come to show                                            It’s time to let the burden unfold

Will be taken and refined

And healing’s light will truly shine                                            Give us hopeful days

                                                                                                    And hearts full of grace

We touch with our hands                                                          Give us love to share

We touch with our hearts                                                          And dreams beyond despair

We share what we’ve learned                                                   Be real with me

And hope as each page turns                                                  ‘Cuz I need you here with me

For the moms and the girls                                                       Let us live in peace

For their lives precious pearls

Let us not succumb, despair                                                     Whatever thoughts, whatever moves

As we go into a world in need of care                                      Are the choices we make

                                                                                                    Imperfections, misperceptions

We help those in need                                                               Misdirection

When we follow, when we lead                                                There’s beauty in our needs

We lean on our friends                                                              There’s beauty in our pleas

On their strength we can depend

The ones we have met                                                               Give us hearts lined with hope

In our hearts they are kept                                                        Hope in the unseen

May our paths cross again

And we’ll share where we have been                                        

                                                                                                     Sleeps Nor Slumbers

 Share Your Life                                                      All the needless worrying, tossing and turning 

You bring me joy when I see you                                                           Brings my heart despair

You bring me peace when I’m with you                                   I get out of my bed and go to the front porch

Your heart’s so amazing                                                            And breathe the cool night air

 It reaches the depth of my soul                                                In the night, I know my soul needs rest

                                                                                                    Calm my fears, dear Lord

 Share your life, share your love                                                You know best

 Share your walk with me

 Share your life, share your love                                                For God neither sleeps nor slumbers

 Share your dreams (hopes) with me                                        He’s ever watching all His wonders

                                                                                                    What’s to come or what’s to be

Stay near to me from this life on                                              He treads the way before me

I need you here to carry on                                                       For He knows my secret prayers

Your love draws me in                                                               My every thought, my long despair

 It calls to my heart deep within

                                                                                                    My hands out before me, shaking and trembling

You are my friend                                                                      I need to trust You now

With you I can’t pretend                                                            If I just pray, I must tell You all

 It’s right with you                                                                      Take it from me now

 It’s true with you                                                                        Answer my call

 Share your life

                                                                                                    For God neither sleeps nor slumbers

                                                                                                    He’s ever loving all His wonders

                                                                                                    Even when we look away

                                                                                                    His gaze will never stray

                                                                                                    As we turn into the light